Wow. They say there is a first time for everything and today proved no exception. Today we had 4 big firsts for vMix.

New Domain Name

Firstly in the early hours of this morning we were able to secure a brand new domain name! No longer do we need to spell out VMIXHD.COM to people to make sure they end up on the right website. We now proudly own VMIX.COM! So reset your favourites and bookmarks!

First Live Show

This morning vMix ventured into the Live Show space with its first Live Product Announcement on our Twitch Channel! We were worried that no one would show up but there were quite a few people tuning in which was great! We talked about all sorts of vMix 16 features and gave away a PRO license.

New Version of vMix

vMix 16 is here!!!

New Website

With the release of the new domain name we’ve also updated the vMix website! So head over to, that’s right to check it out!!

There will be more blog posts about each of these events over the next few days!