vMix 27 is now available for download via the vMix.com download page! If you’re a vMix Max user or purchased vMix from January 2022 then you can update right now for free. Prior to this date, it’s a $60 fee for 12 months of updates if you’d like to experience the new vMix 27 features! For a quick overview of vMix 27, check out this 2 1/2 minute video brought to you by vMix CEO, Martin ‘De Wielrenner’ Sinclair.

Zoom Integration

vMix 27 will allow users to connect directly to Zoom meetings! vMix will manage all of your audio and video, so there’s no more need to have 5 laptops just for Zoom participants. Zoom integration makes it really easy to add remote guests to your production, using a tool that most people are already familiar with! There are tons of features at your disposal with this new update so check out the quick start guide to get up and running or the in-depth video to know EVERYTHING!

Audio Upgrades- Audio Bus Manager, Bus Mixer, PFL

New audio updates in vMix will help take your audio workflows to the next level! A new Audio Bus Manager allows for quick and seamless routing of your inputs to audio buses. Just open it up from the hamburger menu and assign buses in seconds! The Audio Bus Mixer enables you to change the audio levels of an input within a bus. This can be done from your input’s audio settings and also where you’ll find the new PFL option!

AV1 and HEVC streaming to YouTube

vMix 27 enables AV1 and HEVC streaming to YouTube via the Quality Settings streaming menu. You’ll just need to make sure that you have a GPU that supports either HEVC or AV1. We’re excited about these options as you’ll be able to stream with great quality but with much less bandwidth!

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