On this Valentine’s Day 2019 we’re happy to say that we’re giving the gift of vMix 22! That’s right, vMix 22 is now available to download today. We’ve been hard at work creating even more professional features for your live broadcasts! For all of the information, check our brief overview video or continue reading….

Purely powerful graphics

Over the years we’ve had many many people ask us to include more animated graphics for vMix and we’ve responded by adding a new graphics engine and title designer named GT. The biggest problem with real-time high performance animated graphics is the extra load on your CPU that it takes for processing, but with vMix 22 we’ve built GT from the ground up to be GPU based meaning NO ADDITIONAL LOAD FOR YOUR CPU! You’re able to run GT graphics and titles on the same computer without worrying if your CPU is going to explode!


Constructing the perfect graphics and titles

Along with the new GT graphics engine, vMix 22 will also have a newly designed Title Designer. The new designer will make creating static and animated titles a breeze! You’ll no longer need a 4 year university degree just to create your own animated titles.


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