Need to stream to multiple locations?

Have you been looking to stream to multiple destination but just don’t have the bandwidth or capabilities? Why not just send one stream and let someone else do it for you! allows you to send 1 stream from vMix that is then distributed to multiple destinations! That means you can hit all of your platforms and demographics. Send your stream out to both free platforms and paid CDNs. So why are we talking about this now?! Well…


vMix now supports direct integration with!


That’s right, streaming to a million destinations (well not quite, but you get what I mean) has never been easier. You can just log into your account via the vMix Streaming Settings and then select your channel. You’ll then be able to stream out to all of the destinations that you have set up in your Restream account.

You can use for free!

That’s right, you’re able to use for free, just head to their website to sign up. They also have paid plans that allow you to do more things and have more features!

vMix has a free 60 day trial that can be found at