Software development is a fun ride! You’re constantly updating features and functionality based on new tech and industry developments. When you have an engaged and helpful community, you’re also adding features based on suggestions from a variety of different workflows. As a result, features, interfaces and the ways in which you do things change! This means that training material is almost always out of date.

Unfortunately there isn’t really an easy way of replacing existing video tutorials, you need to upload new ones and hope that they catch on. We’ve had some tutorials on our YouTube page since the very beginning and looking back, things have changed quite a bit! Martin was sitting in the front of our office from 2 locations ago, using vMix 9 with a Matrox capture card in an external Thunderbolt capture device. There was no replay, no Facebook Live, no vMix Call, no SRT, no vMix GT, no and no NDI. It’s amazing to see all of the different things that have become accessible over the past 10 years! Things have also changed a lot in the industry and live video production is now within reach of anyone with a computer. With these changes a lot of the language and workflows are now different, so we’ve tried to update our latest overview video to reflect some of these changes.

New vMix Tutorial

So this blog post is a bit of a look back as well as a chance to embed this video somewhere. It would be great for people to see the latest and greatest as opposed to a video that’s 7 years old!