Now that NAB 2017 is complete we’re back at vMix HQ testing out products sent to us from NAB. We were able to speak to Epiphan who have sent us the SDI and 4K models of their capture line.  These are portable USB 3 capture devices that suit a range of needs and connections. We’ve tested these models and have added them to the vMix Supported Hardware page.

vMix has allowed users to to produce, stream and record in 4k for the last 3 years. Now with portable devices such as the 4K model you can easily bring in 4K sources over USB3. For full frame rates you will need to select the NV12 video format when adding the camera input in vMix.

Epiphan AVIO 4k vMix

The full range of capture devices, including the 4K and SDI models, can be purchased via the Epiphan website. If you have any questions about portable production and how you can use’s in your live production workflow, feel free to send us an email-


Epiphan AVIO vMix