vMix and Facebook Live

You can now use the Streaming Settings of vMix to log into Facebook and stream! This makes streaming to Facebook Live really simple and easy to use. vMix allows you to stream directly to pages, groups, events and even timelines!

It’s really simple to stream to Facebook live. Just go to the your vMix streaming settings, select Facebook and then start entering your details. Once you’ve connected with Facebook you can start setting up your stream information and your destination. Then start streaming! Here’s a full video guide.

vMix gives you the ability to live stream to multiple locations so you could take advantage of the Facebook Live integration and stream to your usual provider and also Facebook. This allows you to capture all of your audiences at the same time. Some people might choose not to go to your embedded website live stream and prefer the Facebook interface. You don’t need to settle for a low rate production either, you can stream your full professional broadcast from vMix to Facebook in HD (720p).

The Facebook Live streaming feature in vMix is now available and the latest version of vMix can be downloaded from the vMix website right now! Facebook Live streaming integration is available for vMix and beyond.