vMix is a software based solution that allows you to create dynamic live productions. It allows you to input cameras, music, videos, PowerPoint, streams, titles, replays and many more things into your production that you can then display on large screens, record, and stream!

vMix arose out of the need to have an affordable software video mixer for a small Christmas Carols production. As a developer himself, the founder of vMix (Martin) decided to build something that would be useful in his situation. That was over 10 years ago now and vMix was officially launched in 2009.

Affordability has also been a major factor in making vMix. There has always been a free option for vMix users that are looking to have a simple production and don’t necessarily have the money or need for a higher version of vMix.

Being ahead of the game is also something that vMix prides itself on. vMix has had 4K support the start of 2014. You’re also able to bring in vMix Social add on. This product was released in early 2014 and allows users to bring in Twitter, Facebook and IRC comments. vMix Social also allows you to bring in the pictures associated with the Twitter and Facebook posts, which sets it apart from other programs.

Many of vMix’s features have been directly suggested by our awesome vMix community on our forums. We’re constantly looking for ways to better vMix and take suggestions from forums for new editions.

We’re constantly amazed at the ways that people use vMix in their workflow. Things such as vodcasts, web interviews, e-sports, real-time chroma key karaoke, large sporting events, Church services, university presentations, dance productions, 4 day live talk shows…vMix does it all!

vMix is nothing without the support from the community behind it! So check out our forums and follow us Twitter…we’re always having crazy giveaways!