In case you missed the most recent vMix Fun Time Live Show, a new feature was unveiled for vMix 18! Check out the snippet of the show below.


The new vMix 18 feature is called Activators. Activators will allow you to activate functions on a MIDI or X-Keys device. Basically users will be able to send a signal to a device to say that an action is happening in vMix.

For example- If I transition a vMix input into the Output window, I can send a signal to the control device to turn on a light or change it’s colour! This will allow users to create their own control surfaces and add even more customization to their live production workflow.

The great thing is that it will also work with some motorised faders for audio on devices such as the Behringer X-Touch!

vMix is doing it’s best to set the standard in creating totally customisable workflows and user experiences!

If you’d like to try out vMix for free for 60 days with NO watermarks, just download it via our website.