vMix 18 is here!

That’s right, all of those new features that you’ve been waiting for in the last 6 months are now ready to use. Adding to it’s industry leading reliability, performance and feature set , vMix 18 takes live video production software to levels never seen before! To see the all the latest for yourself, head over to vMix.com to download your free and unwatermarked 60 day trial!

Unparalleled control

vMix already allows users to take control of their production with any Keyboard, MIDI device, X-Keys, and X-box remote. NOW they can be programmed to provide return information to vMix through ACTIVATORS. This means that you can create your very own control surface with responsive lighting with your existing products. You don’t need to purchase an expensive control surface, just use that old MIDI device you have from your old DJ days! This also allows for control of motorized faders such as those on the Behringer XTouch!

Input ALL the data

vMix 18 now allows you to include additional dynamic and static content to your production through Data Sources. These Data Sources can use external data to populate your production titles. Files can be updated locally, on the network or on the Internet and those changes can be reflected live in your video productions. You could have an external producer controlling, accessing and delivering from across the other side of the world! You can also take advantage of 3rd party programs that store data in local files such as Twitch Alerts. Data Sources support TXT, CSV, XML, RSS, and Google Sheets!

List Facelift

vMix Lists allow you access to individual files on your computer instead of adding them to your inputs. You can use this feature to quickly cycle through video and audio files and play them in order. The new List Tab makes this process a lot easier to manage and keeps you in your production at all times! The list is also handy for keeping down your computer’s resources as it’s only accessing the file when necessary and not adding it as an input!

A Web Browser Input that does it all

The vMix Web Browser Input has made adding web content to a live production an absolute breeze. It already natively supports Audio and HTML 5 Video, mouse clicking AND scrolling, but vMix 18 takes it one step further. Right-click your Web Browser input in vMix 18 and you’ll be able to use the keyboard! That’s right, it now has keyboard access. While in use it means that your keyboard shortcuts won’t work but your MIDI, XKeys etc still will. Just right-click and turn off keyboard access when you’re done. So now you can use your logins, search and write updates all from within vMix!

YouTube Tutorials For The New Features

Here’s a full list of changes!

New Features and Changes


* Assign MIDI LED lights to events in vMix such as an input going live, or audio muted and much more!
* Assign MIDI motorized faders to respond to audio mixer changes in vMix.
* Built in support for most MIDI devices including lights on X-Keys, Behringer, AKAI, Novation and Numark controllers.

Data Sources

* Setup data sources from Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, RSS, Text and XML and have these automatically updated
* Assign data from one or more data sources to multiple titles
* Move between multi-row data through shortcuts or through the Data Sources interface

Instant Replay

* Automatic three digit numbers now assigned to each event
* “Play by ID” button and shortcuts allow quickly typing in event IDs to playback
* Events can now be moved in any order
* Playing back multiple events will now show total time remaining
* Delete All button added to configuration page to delete all video data while retaining settings
* Four more events tabs added for total of eight
* Automatic video signal loss detection and recovery without user intervention


* New dockable tab user interface for List inputs
* Move, play and edit List video and audio clips directly from the main vMix window
* Number of shortcuts added to assist in controlling the list


* Ability to assign separate audio channels to Recording, Stream and External Output independently
* Choose from Master, A, B or combinations of MA or MAB for 4 and 6 channel configurations
* Independently record a master WAV file alongside each recording containing all channels selected channels


* EmbeddedAllChannels dropdown option enables multi channel audio support for AJA, Magewell and Blackmagic capture cards
* Full support for Magewell Pro Capture SDK provides lower latency and multi-channel audio support from Magewell Pro Capture series cards

Web Browser

* Keyboard input support enabled through new right click menu
* Shortcuts added for most web browser functions


* Hitbox provider added
* High profile dropdown option added to Streaming Quality Settings


* New Recent tab added that shows thumbnail previews of all recently added titles for easy lookup