vMix is excited to report that the Newteks NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol will be included within vMix 17. For those that watched our January Live Show you will have seen a Beta version of this in action. NDI will allow computers, cameras and programs to connect over a network via NDI and be used in video productions.

For example, on our live show we had our multi-camera streaming production happening on a laptop in one room but also had a vMix Go in the other room with a single camera input. Via vMix and NDI on both computers we were able to connect to the vMix GO camera over the network! As it’s bi-directional so the vMix Go was also able to receive cameras and output from the main laptop production!

This is still currently in Beta, but the results look very exciting for the Newtek NDI, vMix and live video production!

vMix Show NDI