YUAN High-Tech have released a new range of capture cards that support HDMI 4K. They have been tested with vMix and have been added to the Supported Hardware list on our website. There are 2 new models that have been added. The first is the SC560 N1-LV.


Yuan 4K capture vMix

This PCIe card is a single HDMI input capture card that will accept video inputs all the way up to 4K60! It’s a great option for people looking for an affordable 4K HDMI card. You will need to check the full product guide as it needs to use certain video formats such as YV12 for 4K 60.


Using NV12 video, the YUAN SC560 N4 allows you to input 4 X 4K 30p video sources to your video production! That makes it one of the only multi-4K input cards currently on the market and possibly the only one for multiple HDMI 4K!

For more information about YUAN, you can check out their website.

vMix and 4K

vMix has supported a 4K video production workflow for many years now. With new cards like these YUAN ones, it has made working with 4K far more accessible than ever. Hopefully with advancements in computing hardware we’ll see 4K production start to take off! If you’d like to try out vMix we have a free trial on our website! Just download and enter your email address…it doesn’t even have watermarks!