I’ve just been to a week long conference on “How to Write The Best Clickbait Blog Post” and I thought I would try it out! Actually the blog was looking a little bare, so I thought I would mention some features of vMix that I think sets it apart! Also, we are busy working on the final rollout of vMix 16 which means another giveaway plus a bunch of other cool stuff that’s going to happen in the next few weeks!

vMix 4K

1. 4K Support!

Being able to bring in 4K inputs to a software video mixer!? Yes! vMix has supported 4K for such a long time now and is the only one to do so! It may become industry standard one day and when it does, vMix will be ready. Well, vMix is ready…right now! Let’s go 4K!

2. Drag and Drop your files!

Sick of having to make 2 or 3 clicks to bring in your video inputs? Concerned about mouse wear and tear? Well, did you know that you can just drag and drop your files directly into the vMix input area and it will add it for you!

3. MIDI support!vMix MIDI

Yes! Just when you thought MIDI support was only being enabled for vMix 16….nope! MIDI support has actually already been around for a few versions of vMix! Just to clear up the confusion, I’m referring to the awesome keyboard based music files. MIDI files can really jazz up your production through their amazing melodies!

4. Live preview input windows!

Want to know what is going on in your input previews? Well vMix allows you to see them live!

5. Take it back to the Old School!

Did you know that you could change the colour scheme of vMix? If you were a big fan of the vMix 5 colour palette, you can switch to blue by going to Settings>Display>Theme. I probably wouldn’t though…

6. Twitter AND Facebook!

vMix added social media integration many years ago. We didn’t just include Twitter, but Facebook also! You can also include images from posts! All for the low low cost of free! Download vMix Social if you want to make your live production even more awesome.

7. The puzzling question as to how vMix got it’s name!?

vmix cat keyboard

VMIX the cat, not the software based video mixer.

Well most people think that vMix is named after Martin’s cat VMIX, but in fact it’s called vMix because you’re able to video mix with it!