One of the biggest challenges that has faced live productions over the years is the Internet. Yes, the one thing that’s absolutely needed for live streaming! The lack of network infrastructure has made it near impossible to use the Internet to send remote cameras or productions. Trust me, we live in Australia and understand just how hard it can be to send video over what seems to be a tin can pieced together with some fishing line and being held up by a Hills Hoist!

We’ve received many emails over the last 10 years asking HOW CAN I BRING A REMOTE CAMERA INTO MY PRODUCTION? There are a range of options that are available but they’re usually out of everyone’s price range. You may have a satellite truck at your disposal but not every one has that luxury! Haivision saw an opportunity to create a protocol that would not only allow for remote video to be easily transmitted, but also be utilized if you had an unreliable Internet connection. This led to the creation of SRT.

SRT stands for ‘Secure Reliable Transport’, and is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack. SRT uses secure streams and easy firewall traversal to optimize streaming performance and deliver high-quality video over even the most unreliable networks.