After much anticipation, vMix 17 has now been officially released on the vMix website. vMix continues to set the standard for live video production and streaming software with it’s industry leading features. Not only has it supported 4K and social media integration for over 2 years, vMix 17 now includes support for direct PTZ control and Newtek NDI!

NDI will open up a world of opportunity for vMix users. vMix will now have access to any NDI capable device on the local network. That means users can connect cameras, other vMix computers, Tricasters, graphics, skype, and PowerPoint all over the network from other NDI devices! NDI also means that you can send your vMix production, individual cameras, audio, graphics, and social to other NDI devices. vMix is a very customisable piece of software, but now with NDI the possibilities really are endless! vMix is currently the only live video production and streaming software that fully supports NDI!

vMix has also released vMix Desktop Capture for NDI, which is a free application for PC and Mac that will allow you to send your desktop over NDI!

PTZ Control with vMix allows users to control their web-enabled Panasonic, Sony and PTZ Optics PTZ cameras! You can directly control the camera while you are running your production and set different angles for the camera. Essentially you’re adding multiple camera inputs with just one camera! This sort of functionality will be great for one person productions that can set up their entire show with vMix and one PTZ camera! Add more PTZ cameras to your production and you really have an endless supply of shots!

To download vMix Live Production and Streaming software just click on the link.

Click here for the vMix 17 Press Release!

Check the huge list of vMix 17 upgrades below!

Release Notes

Release Notes for vMix 17 – 10 April 2016

Feature Highlights

  • NDI – Network Device Interface support. See the NDI page for more information.
  • PTZ support for Web Enabled Panasonic, Sony and PTZ Optics cameras. Click here for supported camera information.
  • Web Browser input. Easily add web pages as inputs including sites with video and audio content.

User Interface

  • Categories now appear as tabs above the inputs row. Labels can be added by right clicking any category button.
  • Audio Mixer and Replay tabs now also appear above the inputs row
  • Substantial performance improvements when using a large number of inputs (50+)


  • New improved Audio Meters with large dynamic range (0 to -90db)
  • dB peak levels are now displayed by moving the mouse over a meter
  • Full Pre and Post audio meters including DB labels are available in the Audio Settings for each input
  • Audio Settings can be kept open for multiple inputs at a time for easy monitoring
  • New “Channel Mixer” added to every audio input allowing separate mixing of all input channels into the final 2 Channel Mix.
  • New Headphones volume level for every input, so that some sources can be removed from headphones without affecting Stream or Recording

Desktop Capture

  • Brand new vMix Desktop Capture utilising NDI
  • Supports game capture on Windows 8.1 and higher systems and 60fps support
  • Local desktop capture moved to dedicated tab under Add Input -> NDI / Desktop Capture
  • Local desktop capture uses GPU acceleration to provide full frame rate capture with minimal system resources


  • Streaming settings and Output Format are now both saved in Presets
  • When loading a preset with different resolution or frame rate, user will be prompted to confirm the changes


  • Added support for GIF animations via the Video Input
  • Added new Chroma Key presets to enable better initial quality without needing to adjust sliders
  • Image Input will now automatically adjust aspect ratio for files that do not match either 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Improved support for IP cameras with RTSP streaming, including support for more AAC audio formats.

External Output

  • Improved output performance with Blackmagic devices


  • Added reverse variations of transition effects


  • Gamepad and Joystick support added

Shortcuts / API

  • Updated API XML with audio meter levels and Fullscreen info
  • Added support for more than 100 inputs
  • Added functions for NDI and PTZ control


  • Added support for Value when using Triggers
  • Added support for triggering using audio levels


  • Added YouTube streaming provider
  • Added StreamShark streaming provider
  • Added Wowza Cloud streaming provider
  • vMix output resolution will now match the current streaming profile by default.
  • Added x264 preset options to Streaming Quality settings

Instant Replay

  • Added support for External 2 as a camera source in Instant Replay, in addition to Output
  • Added support for NDI sources


  • Added support for hardware accelerated HEVC / H265 recordings (where supported by graphics card)
  • Added H264 Main and High profiles to MP4 recording