Looking for a way to control your vMix Replay? vMix has just announced support for the JL Cooper ES-SloMo J USB controller. This device will work like any other controller that you have in your vMix production. You’ll be able to assign a vMix shortcut function to any button on the JL Cooper ES-SloMo J USB and use it in your live video productions.

The controller will work with any function of vMix but doesn’t not offer any additional Replay functionality. Whatever you can do within vMix Replay, you can program a shortcut to do it on the controller!

jlcooper vMix

There is a pre-built template that we have provided vMix users that covers some of the allocated buttons and controls. You can choose to use these or you could choose to create a completely different template for your Replay use. We have included some new things for vMix Replay as a result of this integration, the main one being the ability to REWIND and FAST FORWARD replays with a vMix shortcut. These are already programmed in the JL Cooper ES-SloMo J USB controller template that can be found in vMix You just need to make sure that you install the necessary drivers and then open up vMix. In the shortcut section you will be able to choose the JL Cooper template-

jl coooper slomo USB settings vMix

For a full list of functions and drivers please check out our Knowledgebase article.

The great thing is that you’ll be able to add your own shortcuts to the controller and customise it to your workflow. Combine your existing production shortcuts and you could use this device for your whole event!

If you have any further questions about the JLCooper ES-SloMo J USB controller, contact us via our website.