Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of incremental updates to make vMix even better! Your favourite live production software now has a whole lot more to love about it!


Starting at, vMix added Instagram support for vMix Social. Instagram support for live production software in not the industry standard, so vMix is out leading the way yet again! Instagram support will allow users to include content from 1/2 a billion active users! If you were looking for social content input, you’ve just found another avenue!


vMix brought in Audio Only NDI sources to help reduce CPU usage. This update also added NDI output support for Webcams that use RGB32 format. vMix is always adapting especially to new technologies. NDI is so new that vMix is evolving with it. We’re looking to make NDI as accessible and functional as possible to all users!


We’ve had plenty of requests for a total CPU usage meter and vMix has heard those requests. vMix now includes a total CPU meter! This is based on the CPU reporting in the Windows “Performance Monitor” metrics and may differ from the numbers reported in Task Manager.

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vMix continues to improve and give users a great live streaming experience. If you want to stay in touch with all the newest updates, check out changelog.vmix.com. For all of the latest updates, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and now Instagram. Use vMix Social 2.0 to include all of our Instagram posts to your live production. 🙂

Update today from within vMix or download from our website. If you’ve purchased in the last year you can update for free!